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What Do Others Say?

Totally outrageous" - Evening Standard

"The comedy alternative to your normal hen night"
- Girl About Town - London

"Almost worth getting married for"
- Brighton Source magazine

Page 3 girl Naomi and TT get funky  for a week on C4's Fit Farm

Rob Brydon (Star of BBC2's cult classic Marion and Geoff) filming his new chat show, and being made honorary hen queen for the night!

Hen Weekends
"One of our funniest episodes, was when we had on the wacky strippers from The Adonis Cabaret"
- Brian Dowling from ITV's Brian's Boyfriends

"No sleaze and a small amount of cheese but we were certainly pleased"
- Nine To Five Mag - London

"The night ended with a finale to end all finales - which had women standing on the backs of sofas, perching on ledges,and climbing up columns to catch a last glimpse of the now legendry sword of Tristan.. swung.. before taking a well-deserved bow and leaving the stage to a standing ovation."
- The Sun

Hen Weekends
"It was one of the most enjoyable days I've ever had" - Kacey Ainsworth (little Mo) Eastenders

"Wow! The cream of the crop."
- That's Life Magazine

"Stop trying to take Tristan home"
- Ian Lee to Kate Lawler on C4 Rise

"Thongs that make you go ooh"
- Cosmopolitan

"Bums the word"
- MsLondon

Hen Weekends
"Oh Big Boy's" 
- ITV1's William and Mary with the Adonis lads.

"Its like watching Ant and Dec with Pec's"
- BBC radio 1

Page 3 stunner Melanie came to one of the Adonis shows, fell in love with one of the Monkeys, and married him!!
(Not joking - Ed)

"Certainly a girls night out to remember"
-The Insight Magazine - Brighton

Hen Weekends
"The funniest full Monty show on earth .... shocking"
- Danny & Nicky in the Morning Southern FM radio

"Lovely Jubberly......good fun events"
- A night out with the girls - ITV1

"We were so impressed we bought them a club in Bournemouth"
- Spotlights UK

"A strip show that won't take girls on stage and ruin their dresses with baby oil - that's a nice change"
- Company mag 

"Morecombe and Wise on acid"
- The Salon Channel 4 

Voted "Best bum" and "rearview of the year"
- The Sun party girls

"Almost worth getting married for"
-  Brighton Source Magazine

"The phone lines have gone into melt down"
- Juice FM radio - Brighton

Graham Norton
"That had to be one of the funniest things we have had on the show so far" 
- Graham Norton - Channel 4's V Graham Norton

"Brilliant performers"
- Impact Magazine

"One thing is for sure, this will be one girls' night out you will never forget"
- Bliss for Brides Mag

portrait of Michelle Collins
"I can't remember the last time filming was this much fun"
- Michelle Collins filming Real Women with The Joker

"Slick and professionally run"
- This is Brighton mag

"Brimming with the biggest aphrodisiac of them all - humour" 
- Brighton Source Mag

Gordon Ramsey, Celebrity chef, Dubai Hilton Creek Hotel
"That looks like a lot of fun. Can I have a go ?"
- Gordon Ramsey to the Joker "playing the piano" on C4

"We would not use any one else"
- Eclipse Leisure - Nationwide

"Total Professionals from start to finish, with a touch of class, the best act of your kind we have ever seen"
- Rebecca - general manager of Jumpin Jacks - Maidstone

"Some of the sexiest dancers around"
- That's Life Mag

"Not smutty, brilliant and loads of fun"
  - Steve Ace - Atlantis Arena Great Yarmouth

"Ultimate girls night out"
- Evening Argus - Brighton

[Alan Cummings]
"Is that real?"
- said Alan Cummings to Graham Norton about The Joker

"Girls just wanna have fun"
- The Latest magazine

"It was a very entertaining night that will never be forgotten"
- Nine To Five Mag - London

"This Birds Bonkers" - the cast of ITV's Bad Girls on  our host Drew


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